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Feb 20, 2017

A reader from india recently got the courage to share her short and sweet story of awakening ... here it is.
Enjoy, Jeff

This is Juhi.  I had always been curious about the laws of universe, about God, about religion, spirituality but I had no one who could answer my questions.  I journeyed through the various experiences of life in my quest for answers.  There were many experiments, mistakes that I undertook to understand.  Life kept unfolding but the revolutionary moment of awakening was when I was abandoned by my twin flame, and the world came crashing to me.

This was something I feared but never prepared for!  The pain was so unbearable that I just could not escape or relax without getting my answers.  I started spending more and more time with myself.  I dug deep into my pain and so into my fears and so into my innermost desires.  I realized that if my happiness depends on being with this person, then I am not really connected to myself.

Mystical things started happening.  I saw a lot of intense, meaningful dreams and I could recall them every morning.  I started sensing things, people and situations how I never previously could.  The little moments of joy brought tears to my eyes, and most importantly i started feeling the pain of others just as my own.  This feeling made my own pain seem irrelevant, and I started working towards influencing more and more lives with every opportunity.

This was such connection to oneness that unconditional love and unconditional happiness started showing up to me with more and more frequency.  Now miracles show up every day; I'm already connected to my highest self and working towards the good of others through my passion for music and food.

Warm Regards,


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After having many fascinating personal discussions with readers about their awakening journeys it dawned on me that these stories would probably be of interest to the readers of the blog, and perhaps even helpful. That's why I created the "Awakening Stories" collection.

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