To the average person, this Law of Attraction Pearl of Wisdom probably sounds ridiculous, but you're not the average person.  You're a creator in training!  This rule of thumb is worth repeating to yourself often because EXPECTATION is the crucial second part of the manifesting equation.  No matter how strongly and clearly you DESIRE something, if you don't BELIEVE it will happen then it won't — DESIRE + EXPECTATION = RESULTS.  

I'm constantly shocked by how often people doubt themselves and their dreams, anticipate problems, and expect the worst.   And not just with the big things they're hoping to achieve, but with all the little daily things as well.   To become a master of manifestation you'll need to eliminate this insidious habit and start routinely expecting the best!  

Expectation Allows Your Desires to Manifest

There are two parts to deliberate creation.  The first part is defining your DESIRE by focusing your thoughts and feelings clearly and strongly on what you want.   This sets your intention and is the creative energy from which your desire is made manifest.  The second and crucial part is holding the EXPECTATION you will receive what you desire. You must BELIEVE it will happen.    

By practicing both of these parts, your desire will inevitably manifest — as long as you CONTINUE to EXPECT it will.   Expectation makes or breaks your creative thoughts — you can't manifest something if you don't believe it will happen, not matter how much you think about it or imagine it!    

The Delicate Balance Between Desire and Expectation

There is an extremely delicate balance between the desire to have something and the expectation of receiving it.   If your desire for something is weak but you completely believe you can have it, then you will definitely have it.   If your desire for something is strong but your belief that you can have it is weak — if you doubt — then it is unlikely you will have it anytime soon, if ever.  

Doubt is the Anti-Thesis of Expectation

Doubt cancels the creative energy of your thoughts. You must fully expect that what you want WILL happen for it TO happen.  

Doubt is one of the biggest stumbling blocks to effective manifestation.  Doubt erodes the power of your creative intentions, and depending on how much doubt is creeping into your thoughts it will either slow your manifestation or kill it altogether.  Rule of thumb — unwavering FAITH and OPTIMISM always yields the best results!    

Alleviating Doubt

Here are some of the common reasons why doubt creeps into our thinking and some suggestions to mitigate each.  Just being aware of these can greatly help you to defend against the intrusion and disempowering effects of doubt.  

Believing evidence that says it won't happen

Most people pay far too much attention to present circumstances.  By the Law of Attraction, this attention only serves to perpetuate more of the same.   If you deeply understand the mechanics of reality creation and the illusion of linear causality you KNOW that your future experiences are drawn to you by your present THOUGHTS and BELIEFS, not by past or present CIRCUMSTANCES.   Past or present circumstances only affect what is possible to the extent that you believe they do.   For best results know that whatever you desire is already done, even in the face of opposing evidence!    

Not seeing HOW it can happen

Sometimes we get discouraged because we can't see how it's possible to get from where we are now to the realization of our dreams and desires.   One of the golden rules of manifestation is not to get overly focused on 'how' your desire is achieved.   Your job it to concentrate on imagining your desired OUTCOME and taking baby steps in that general direction.   It's the Universe's job to figure out 'how' to make it happen. The Universe has a much broader view than you do and will find an optimal path to the fulfillment of your desires if you let it.   This path will likely be serendipitous and lead you to the fulfillment of your dreams in unexpected ways.  Don't second guess the Universe, let it figure out the 'how' and trust that it will guide you by providing opportunities, synchronicities, and inspiration as needed.    

If you insist on HOW it's supposed to happen you are restricting the Universe's options on how it can deliver your results and you may end up tying its hands.  You may also end up ignoring opportunities because they don't match your IDEA of how your desire was supposed to happen.  Don't worry about the HOW, just focus on the WHAT, and stay open to the opportunities and inspiration as they arrive.  

Getting discouraged by it taking longer than expected

Sometimes our manifestations take some time to appear fully — accept this and be patient.  Trust that the Universe is working behind the scenes to make them happen and don't get discouraged if they do not appear as quickly as you would like.   The worst thing you can do is start doubting that it will happen, this will only slow down or stop your manifestations.    And worse, is to let yourself get so discouraged that you give up — this only GUARANTEES your desire will not manifest!  The best course of action is always to redouble your imagineering efforts, keep busy, and KEEP THE FAITH!  

Feeling unworthy or undeserved

Many of us have hidden feelings of unworthiness or undeservedness.    The idea that we must EARN our deservedness is a deeply entrenched limiting belief of the human experience.   Know that you are unconditionally worthy to be, do, or have whatever you desire — it is your divine birthright.  There is nothing you have to do to EARN your right to have anything that you desire.  You don't need to put any preconditions on the fulfillment of your dreams — especially ones like 'I am not worthy or don't deserve...'.    

The limiting belief of worthiness and deservedness arises partly from our belief in the limitation of resources — we feel the need to justify why WE should receive something rather than others because of our concern that there is not enough for everyone.   There is no need to worry about this because the universe is a field of infinite possibilities just waiting to deliver unlimited abundance to each and every one of us as soon as we believe and expect it.  

Doubting your ability

A common misconception about successful people is that they have some God-given abilities the rest of us don't possess which were instrumental in their success.  This is far less true than we'd like to believe.  The truth is that they just wanted and believed in their dreams more than the rest of us.   Just about any ability can be learned, and the Universe is ultimately the source of all knowledge and inspiration — you just have to tap into it.  The way you tap into it is by believing in yourself and your dreams and taking any action, however small, in the general direction of those dreams.  By doing this, you tap into the Universal flow of knowledge, inspiration, and guidance that will take you to the fulfillment of your desires if you let it.   Never doubt your ability to succeed!  

Listening to the naysayers

One of the most powerful influences that can create self-doubt is the opinions of others. There will be plenty of people happy to tell you that your dreams and desires are unrealistic and unattainable.   When they do, remind yourself that they don't understand the creative power of thought and imagination as you do.   You UNDERSTAND that the Universe is a conceptual field of infinite potential and possibilities only limited by your imagination.   You KNOW you can receive and experience whatever you imagine and expect.   This knowing allows you to steadfastly IGNORE THE NAYSAYERS!  

Expecting the Best with Every Little Thing

Expecting the best doesn't just apply to manifesting your big dreams and desires, it can — and should — be applied to all the small stuff too. Here are some examples:  

  1. Let's say you want to plan an outdoor activity for a few days from now.  Do you spend time worrying if the weather will be acceptable before, during, and after setting up the activity or do you just assume the best?  Many will worry about the weather even when it really doesn't matter — when there is no other requirement than to show up the activity can be canceled easily at the last moment if conditions are unsuitable.        
  2. Let's say you're on the way to an appointment, and you hear on the radio that there has been a big accident somewhere in town causing some serious traffic backups.   Even though you're not sure exactly where the accident is, do you start thinking about and anticipating being late and all of its dire consequences? Or, do you just expect the best and assume it's not on your route or will clear up before getting there, and you'll get to your appointment on time?        
  3. Let's say you're an employee and your boss left you a message that he wants to speak to you but he gave no indication of what it was about.  Do you start thinking about all the worst-case scenarios or do you just relax and assume the best?  

Becoming an Optimist

From the above examples you probably got the point — many of us have a deeply ingrained habit of anticipating problems and expecting the worst that we're almost completely unaware of.   Sadly, those who are pessimistic don't realize how counter-productive it is.  As you gradually replace pessimism with consistent optimism your life will begin to go more and more smoothly and ultimately your life will flow with amazing ease and grace.  

Harness the power of optimism — Expect Wonderful!