The beautiful blue orb that we call the "Earth" was gifted to us by the Universe as a playground for our experience of physicality, and her body and biosphere sustain us. This should be enough to give her our utmost respect.

Call forth the sacredness of the earth now, the holiness of the living, breathing planet and breathe with the earth, blessing and being blessed as the light of the earth flows to you and as the light of your own heart flows to the beloved earth. There is a partnership, a communion between you and the land, between the land and you. The earth is our mother; we must take care of her. — Sharon McErlane, from A Call To Power

All life on the planet is interdependent. All living things should be considered equal partners sharing this beautiful world. It is NOT ours to use and abuse.

The earth and its biosphere are a highly complex system, and all of its parts work together in a finely tuned and delicate dynamic equilibrium. The complexity of this vast interconnected web of dependencies and symbioses far exceeds our current understanding.

As an example of the subtle yet pervasive interdependencies in nature watch this fascinating and inspiring video of about the how the reintroduction of wolves into the Yellowstone National Park ecosystem had wide-ranging unexpected beneficial effects.

Let's exercise the utmost of care and respect in for how we live in, and use the resources of, our natural environment — mother earth.

Uplift every living thing,