Ready for a life of ease, grace, and abundance? Consider adopting these three practices, inspired and powered by the Law of Attraction, that if embodied and lived on a daily basis will transform your life.  

One of my favorite areas of spirituality and metaphysics, and one that I've had much personal experience with since my 'awakening' a few years ago, is the immensely profound and empowering topic of conscious creation — sometimes referred to as manifesting or the Law of Attraction.   Normally when people talk about this subject, they'll discuss the seven-step creational process, the laws and mechanics of creation, and the various mental elements of the creative process such as thoughts, beliefs, emotion, and expectation.  

In this article I'm going to take a more practical approach and will focus on three empowering practices that you can use to apply the Law of Attraction in your everyday life.  

#1 - Whatever Arises, Love That

There are many challenges, inconveniences, and annoyances that arise in our daily lives. Thankfully, most are minor.   How we perceive and respond to these little, or not so little, challenges can make all the difference in the world in the experience we create for ourselves and others involved.   Many people fight against or resist challenging, inconvenient, or undesirable circumstances, allowing themselves to become frustrated, impatient, indignant, or even mad — often accompanied by complaining and blaming, which only serves to create a much less than wonderful experience for themselves and everyone involved.  

Dramatically change the experience you create in situations like these with something I've named 'Whatever Arises, Love That'.   I borrowed this name from the book of the same name by Matt Kahn, a widely respected contemporary spiritual teacher.  It is a bit flamboyant, but it's catchy; maybe a better name would be 'Whatever Arises, Make the Best of It'.  

What if we made a habit of completely accepting whatever arises, even if it wasn't exactly what we expected or desired?  What if, instead of fighting these situations,  we strived to make the best of them?  

I can tell you what would happen! Things would go a lot smoother, and everybody would be a lot happier!   The experience you'd create for yourself and everyone involved would be more wonderful — and wonderful experiences are infectious.  Completely accept and make the best of every situation, no matter what it is and you'll experience increased peace of mind, and your life will flow with increased ease and grace!  

By following this approach, not only will your immediate experience be better but it's likely you'll experience LESS undesirable situations in the future!  How's that you ask?   Call it whatever you like - karma, Law of Attraction, manifestation, whatever — but you are a creator and one of the laws of creation is 'what you resist persists.'   By resisting situations you don't like you are increasing the chances you will receive more of them in the future.  

There are only two reasons why any experience comes into your life: (1) you have directly or indirectly created and attracted the experience via the Law of Attraction, regardless of whether you understand the reasons or not or (2) your higher-self designed them as a needed catalyst for your growth.  This realization can dramatically change your perspective about the adverse situations that enter your life.  You will begin to see them as opportunities for growth and learning — as gifts that have something to offer you.  You will begin to see them as mirrors reflecting to you something about yourself, as an opportunity to see yourself more clearly and to change yourself if you don't like what you see.  

By taking full responsibility for every situation that arises and accepting it AS IS, and making the best of it, you make these moments go as smoothly as possible for everyone involved, including yourself, and you pave the way for smooth sailing in the future.  

#2 - Never Mind What Is, Imagine it the Way You Want It To Be

Employing the graceful strategy of fully accepting 'what is' in the present moment it doesn't mean you can't imagine something better for the future.  In fact, you definitely SHOULD be imagining something better, and on a regular basis.  While you're at it why not imagine your wildest dreams coming true!  Whether you believe it or not, you are a creator and your imagination is your magic wand.  

The power of imagination is greatly underappreciated and undervalued in our society.  Most of us firmly believe that the way results are achieved is through rational thinking and carefully planned and executed action.  Sadly, most of us are unaware that our thoughts and beliefs are creating our reality.  This is sad but understandable — the illusion of time and linear causality is very convincing.  And because of it, most people pay way too much attention to present conditions and circumstances — to 'what is' — and since the more you focus on and think about something the more likely you are to get it (via the Law of Attraction) you are unwittingly perpetuating more of the same.  

This is why Never Mind What Is, Imagine It the Way You Want It to Be is one of the golden rules of manifestation.   If you want to improve your life, spend less time looking around and more time imagining what you want.  You might even consider spending 5 or 10 minutes a day in what I call  'Imagineering Sessions' where you concentrate on envisioning what you want in your life. 

Even worse than giving too much credence to present circumstances is worrying about what happened in the past — 'what was' — and how it might affect your future.  Most people spend a lot of time doing this and it only serves to increase the chances of the very things they're worrying about coming to pass.  

If you consistently pay less attention to 'what is' and 'what was' and regularly unleash your imagination to envision your life the way you want it to be you will be amazed at the lucky breaks that appear in your life.  And you'll be even more amazed as they lead you, almost magically, to exactly what you envisioned and tons of happiness, abundance, and prosperity.  

#3 - Notice and Appreciate Every Little Good Thing in Your Life

Many of us are so busy, so wrapped up in our frantic day-to-day lives that we don't notice all the many 'little' good things that are part of our lives.  And many of us are so caught up in our societies materialistic mentality that we only measure GOOD with dollar signs and stuff — how much money and things we can collect.  

We are so fixated on constantly chasing the money and the stuff that we fail to notice and appreciate all the wonderful little things in our life.  Worse yet, we're so fixated on the importance of money and stuff, and keeping up with the Jones's, that we often focus more on what we don't have rather than what we do.  

Not only does nurturing a habit of noticing and appreciating all the blessings in your life keep you in a healthy present moment focus but it also attracts more blessings.  How's that you ask?  Does the Universe reward gratitude because it likes to be appreciated?  Or because gratitude is inherently good?  Well perhaps, but certainly the Law of Attraction is at work here.  

By the Law of Attraction, the more attention and thought you give to a subject the more likely it is that you will attract it into your experience.  Also, the more emotion associated with your thoughts, the more powerful attractors they become.  

By regularly noticing the good things in your life you are giving significant attention and thought to them.  By expressing the emotion of appreciation you are energizing those thoughts thereby making them a potent force to attract more of the same.  The attitude of gratitude serves to maintain and/or increase the good things in your life!  

Sadly, the default habit of many is focusing on what they lack, and this is a major manifesting pitfall because it only serves to attract more lack into your life!  

Slow down and notice all the wonderful little things in your life, and around you in other people's lives and the world. Doing this will give you a greater sense of satisfaction with life and a greater appreciation of how good your life already is.   Not only that, but it will draw more of the same or better into your life.   You are a creator, and you are creating your entire experience with your thoughts, beliefs, expectations and feelings — why not make the most of it?  

Putting It All Together

These three practices work beautifully together.  By employing all of them you create the most wonderful experiences possible for yourself and everyone around you in the present moment and pave the way for even better in the future.   Adopt these ways of being and increasing ease, grace, and abundance will enter your life!  

These aren't the only practices and ways of being that could dramatically improve your life.  A few more that come to mind immediately are unconditional forgiveness, compassion, and allowance.  I'll explore these deeply in future articles, so stay tuned.