Hello everyone.  This is Jeff at the Deliberate Creator Academy.  Welcome to the next story in my Manifestation Stories series.

The Ski Rack Synchronicity

Today's story is a relatively subtle example of manifestation.  It's not anywhere near as blatantly obvious that I manifested it then in some of the other stories I've shared.  It would be really easy to blow this one off as mere coincidence.  But, it was a really convenient coincidence and convenient coincidences, or what we call synchronicities, are the number one fingerprint of manifestation.

Unlike most of the stories I've shared, this story is one of spontaneous manifestation.  I did not intentionally try to manifest this outcome.  It was just something that I was desiring that came to pass without me deliberately trying to manifest it.  Even though the story is relatively subtle, I think it illustrates some important and interesting aspects of manifestation and the law of attraction that will help you more deeply understand how the law of attraction works.

The background to this story is that a few weeks ago I decided that I needed to get a new laptop computer and I decided to sell some stuff that I wasn't using and didn't need to get the money to buy it.  So, I started looking around the house, and I found some stuff to sell, and I put them up on craigslist and Facebook marketplace.

Then a few days ago,  I had to take my car to the dealership because there was a recall on the airbag and they were going to replace it.  So I drove over there, dropped my car off, and I took advantage of their complimentary shuttle and had them take me over to my gym.   After I was done at the gym, I called Uber to bring me back to the dealership to pick up my car.

When my Uber ride arrived, I got in the car and started chatting with the driver, and  I told him that my car was at the dealership getting the airbag replaced.  And he says Oh yeah. Which kind? A Tahkita Airbag? And  I said, Yeah, how did you know?   It turns out that my driver does part-time work at another dealership and he's replaced over twenty of those exact airbags.  I thought to myself, Wow, that's kind of a coincidence and the driver went ahead and told me everything I needed to know about the airbag and why it's being replaced.   This coincidence caught my attention because it was a curious synchronicity.  What are the chances that somebody would be an expert on the thing that was just happening with my car.  It got my attention and put me on alert for other synchronicities.

And that prompted me to mention to him that I had driven for Uber in the past and that I had bought  a used ski rack for the very same reason and had gotten a killer deal on it.   Then in a flash, it dawned on me that I wasn't using that ski rack anymore and no longer needed it and I've been wanting to sell stuff to save up for my new laptop so this was the perfect opportunity.  So I offered to sell it to him at a very reasonable price and gave him my phone number.

Later that day he called me and he came over and we made sure that the rack would fit on his car. The chances that my rack would fit on his car were not very high because everybody's car is a different size and has different types of attachment requirements.   So from a purely logical point of view, the chances that my rack would work on his car were pretty low.  But I knew it was going to work perfectly because we had manifested it, and the universe wouldn't have brought us together to exchange the ski rack if the rack wasn't going to work on his car.  So of course, it did.

He was happy as a clam because it was probably the cheapest rack he could buy, and I was happy as a clam because I had wanted to sell some stuff to get my new computer and I had overlooked the ski rack.  I was delighted that the universe had brought us together.

The Take Away

One of the most interesting and useful things to glean from this story is that often your manifestation is a co-creation with another person.  You have a desire for something and there's another person out there that has the complementary desire and together you co-create the situation that fulfills both of your desires.  There's a lot of times when you just manifest something that doesn't really have anyone else involved in it. For example, you want the weather to be perfect for whatever you're planning to do outside and that's what you get.  There are a lot of other examples of how you can manifest something that doesn't involve another person as a critical element although I'm blanking on some good examples in them right now, but I'm sure you can imagine what they might be.

The Universe is always trying to optimize.  If one person has a desire and there's another person with the complimentary desire, it will try to bring these two people together if it can, so that it can fulfill both of their desires at the same time.  Just like in this instance.   Note that I didn't even remember that I had a ski rack, but that didn't matter.  The Universe or the system that's generating these manifestations, that produces our reality, knows what's going on in the mind of every player and knows the exact situation in the entire game.  So it can put things together optimally for everyone involved.  It knew my intention and it knew that I had a ski rack that I wasn't using and didn't need, and it just went to work on finding a match.  And it found that there was this person who was desiring a ski rack and through serendipity brought us together so that we could both manifest the fulfillment of our desires!

What are the chances that I would get the Uber driver who needed the ski rack that I had to sell (even though I didn't realize I had it!)?  There must be a hundred Uber drivers in this town.  I don't really know how many there are, there's a lot of them.  And it's pretty much just a random draw of who you're going to get as your driver. So how did the two of us so conveniently come together?  The Law of Attraction that's how!  These things are not chance events!

Convenient coincidences and synchronicities are the fingerprint of manifestation.  A part of getting better at understanding and mastering the Law of Attraction and Deliberate Creation is to start paying attention to the convenient coincidences that are showing up in your life and try to reflect back on what you were thinking about, what you were desiring, and what you were focusing on in the recent past and try to identify the correlation with what's showing up.  The more you do this, and the more you see the correlations the more you will become absolutely convinced that you're indeed creating your reality and the easier it will be to manifest your desires because you'll doubt that it can happen less and less.

That's it!  I hope you found this story helpful.   See you in the next story,