Hello everyone, this is Jeff at Divine Cosmos.  Welcome to the next installment in my Questions & Answers Series.

The question that I'm going to address today is one of the big questions that many of us, awakened or unawakened, have asked in one form or another at some point in our lives.  And to fully understand and appreciate the answer to this profound question requires a deep understanding the ultimate nature of reality and existence.  So hold onto your seats because I'm going to dive deep into this one.

The Question

So, here's how a reader recently put this question to me.

Why would a pure pristine perfect consciousness like Source ever want to experience the imperfect painful state of duality and separation?   Why would what is already pure love, bliss, an unity want to experience separation, lack of love, and pain and suffering?   Why would Source want to experience such an opposite when it is already perfect and complete?

There are many variations on this question — this is but one version.   It all boils down to Why did we create and choose to experience this separation reality with all of its challenges, adversity, and pain and suffering.  To put it very simply, Why are we playing this game? It doesn't seem very fun.

The answer to this question is multifaceted so bear with me as I explore its facets.

My Answer / Perspective

Let's take a look at the various parts of this question.  Here's one part:

Why would we choose to experience the opposite of what we ultimately are?

How does one understand and appreciate what one is if one knows nothing else?   How can one know oneself as love, bliss, and unity without having something to compare it too?   After all, everything is relative.   This is one of the reasons why Source (and us, because we are source) wanted to experience separation and duality — to deeply understand and know what we are through experiential contrast — it's not the only reason but it's one of the main reasons.   And this earthly reality and the state of consciousness that it has led us too certainly provides stark contrast to what we ultimately really are  — which of course are threads of source consciousness, eternal non-physical and formless.

The Misconception that Source is Perfect and Complete

Another interesting and important aspect of this question is the assertion that Source is 'perfect and complete.'  This is a very common misconception and the unraveling of which can lead to a deeper understanding of what Source is doing and why.

Source isn't necessarily perfect and complete   it is a constantly evolving consciousness.   And the way it evolves its consciousness is through having a multitude of experiences within a multitude of 'realities'.  That's why it created all these reality constructs (including our own), and that's why it sub-divided itself, sub-divided its consciousness, into all of us!  So it could have many experiences and learn, grow, and evolve its consciousness.

And sure, through the mind-boggling number of the experiences it has had thus far, it has evolved to an immensely loving and wise state of consciousness.  But that doesn't mean its perfect and complete.  How can it be perfect and complete?  When you are creating reality constructs with your imagination as Source is the possibility space of existence is infinite so there will always potentially be something new just around the corner, and there will always be more to learn.  There will always be the potential for further growth, expansion, and evolution of consciousness — it's a never-ending process.

How do you think Source attained its present state of consciousness? All these realities and the experiences they've provided us are the reason.  Source wasn't necessarily born in its present state. It's constantly evolving and it's doing it through experiencing multitudes of realities including our own.

Challenge and Adversity are Useful and Formative

And here's the thing, it turns out that the biggest impetus or stimulus for the evolution of consciousness is challenge and adversity.  How fast do you think we would grow and evolve in placid wonderful circumstances?  Source doesn't shy away from creating and experiencing realities that provide challenge and adversity — they are essential to the optimal evolution of our consciousness. 

Yes, this reality (and the personal and collective experiences we are having in it) are at times not very pleasant or fun — there's plenty of adversity, challenges, conflict, inequities, and pain and suffering.   But it wasn't necessarily meant to be fun, it was meant to be formative.  It was meant to stimulate growth.  And challenge and adversity are the strongest catalysts for learning, growth, expansion, and evolution of consciousness.   That's what all of this is about — that's what all these realities and all these experiences within them are for — to expand and evolve our consciousness.

This reality could certainly be more pleasant than we've thus far created, but that's up to us, because we're creating our reality.  Sure, we didn't create the environment that we are experiencing within — higher aspects of our consciousness and Source created this reality construct — the environment within which we play out our personal and collective experiences. 

All Experience is Valuable

This reality construct that we are currently experiencing is known far and wide in the non-physical as one of the most interesting and formative realities ever conceived of, and designed, and implemented.   And that's why there's a waiting list of very excited and motivated souls trying to get into this game. 

Yeah, I know from within this experience, behind the veil of unknowing and the veil of forgetting, immersed in the drama of it, lost in the game, all of this is very hard to appreciate.  But rest assured that from the wider non-physical perspective of our higher selves, beyond the veil, where we know the bigger picture all experience is considered valuable.  What we label as the good, the bad, and the ugly all serves as a catalyst for the learning, growth, expansion, and evolution of consciousness.   And ultimately, that's what this is all about!

All Realities are Virtual Realities

Another extremely important reason that explains why so many souls (so many threads of source consciousness) are so enthusiastic about diving into this reality — despite its apparent challenges, adversity, danger, and pain and suffering — is that it is not anywhere as 'real' and concrete as it appears to be from inside the game.  This reality (all realities) are more like very lucid dreams — they seem very real while you're experiencing them but in fact, they are simply experiences within your consciousness — very much like a dream.   When you die, and this experience ends, this is how it seems to your soul — its like it just woke up from a dream.  And just like when we wake up from a dream, your soul knows that it was just an experience within its consciousness and that nothing that seemed to happen within that experience could possibly harm what it really is — pure consciousness, formless and non-physical.

Of course, when you're immersed in the game, immersed in the drama, within the illusion of linear time it seems so real and seems to go on for a long time and progresses very slowly.  But to your soul, when it is over, it's like waking up from a dream and it seems like it all happened in one short moment.  And in fact, the dream analogy is far more accurate than you might imagine.   These experiences we are having in this and other realities are essentially lucid dreams within Source consciousness, within the mind of God.

A more modern analogy that a lot of people find more understandable is that of a virtual reality.   This reality, all realities, are very much like virtual realities.   Is anyone worried about what happens within the experience of playing a virtual reality game?   No, of course not, because they know it isn't really 'real', they know that they, or anyone else, who is playing the game cannot be harmed by what happens there — no matter how engaging and immersive it was while playing it.  Nothing that appears to happen in this reality (or any reality) can actually harm the real you because the real you is pure consciousness — eternal, non-physical, and formless.   These experiences we call reality are essentially virtual experiences! Despite how realistic they seem they are essentially virtual experiences —purely perceptual experience of consciousness.  The experiences are 'real' but the props are 'imaginary.'  

Outside this reality, beyond the veil, every soul knows this and hence there is very little fear of participating in any type of reality, and there is very little judgment about what kinds of experiences are good or bad — because its understood that all experience is valuable, and it all contributes to the learning, growth, expansion, and evolution of consciousness.  This is why our souls are so avid about participating in this reality, in this game.  And why they keep coming back to play more rounds in the game.   Because they know it's just a virtual experience, and they know they cannot be harmed by anything that happens within it.  And they know that these experiences are powerful catalysts for the evolution of their consciousness and thereby contribute to the evolution of Source consciousness — which is what they ultimately are.

This is extremely liberating to know.  When you truly know this you will become a fearless player in the game of life and you will be much less judgmental and much more loving. 

We Are Creating Our Reality

A final important and liberating thing to know, that I touched on briefly earlier, is that we are creating our personal and collective reality with our very thoughts, beliefs, and more.   This is a very sophisticated virtual reality, one in which every nuance of our thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, and expectations,  are subtly or not so subtly attracting every nuance of what appears in our game.  

We are creating all the mayhem, all the disharmony, all the competition and conflict, all the pain and suffering — we are creating all of it.  When we wake up and figure out how we are creating the unpleasantries of our reality this will be a monumentus moment!  And then we'll be able to create something much better in very short order — we'll be able to create much more wonderful for both ourselves personally and collectively for humanity.  

This is one of the most interesting aspects of participating in this reality and why this game is so exciting to be part of.   It provides the opportunity of transcending our state of separation egoic victim consciousness and rediscovering our true selves and our creatorship and then creating that better world that we all want to experience and taking this game to a whole new level.

This is just another important reason why this reality is so attractive to so many souls.  This reality is a truly magnificent and formative game that you will not fully appreciate until this round of your game is over and the focal point of your consciousness is once again outside of this reality, beyond the veil, and regains its wider perspective and full knowing of what it is and why we are creating and experiencing realities.


So that's it for today, that's my perspective on this topic — as always, take what resonates and leave the rest.  If you have any thoughts or comments or other ideas regarding this question I'd love to hear them.  You can share them in the comments below or feel free to e-mail me if you want to discuss something more personally.