In this Law of Attraction Pearl of Wisdom I'm going to explore the role that action plays in manifestation with a focus on how not only does action directly cause results but how it also serves as the strongest form of intention, which can then indirectly but powerfully attract opportunities that can facilitate your manifestations.

Making Things Happen

Certainly in a physical reality action is an essential ingredient of manifesting what appears in your life, but it isn't the only ingredient. Your thoughts, beliefs, intentions, desires, and expectations also subtly, or not so subtly, attract much of what appears in your life.  Your postive and optimistic thoughts and expectations can and do pave the way to the manifestation of your desires but that doesn't mean that action isn't also required.  The big mistake that people who are unaware of the Law of Attraction make, is in thinking that action is the only way to manifest results.

When we  designed our physical reality we never intended for action to be the primary means of creating.  Yet it has become that for most people because they have forgotten how reality creation works — most people think that action is the only way to get results, to make things happen.   Of course, this is a natural mistake because we also intentionally designed this reality so we would forget a lots of things when we incarnate into it.

You did not intend to create through action — you intended to use your body to enjoy that which you created through your thought.      — Esther Hicks, The Law of Attraction  

But of course, this doesn't mean action is never required to manifesting your desires — it most certainly is when applied appropriately (which I explain further later in this article), but it is not the primary means of manifesting — thoughts and intention are.  But even when you understand this it's still a hard habit to break.

When deliberately creating via your thoughts, the amount of action required will generally be is less and the amount of work involved will generally be easier.  Instead of always jumping into action to get the things that you want; think them, visualize them, and expect them into existence.  This will attract guidance and inspiration, and you will be led to the perfect action that will take you in the direction of the manifestation of your desires.

Every manifestation starts with a wish or desire, which then leads to the setting of an intention, and then to thoughts of having the desired fullfilled. Action is the last step in the creation process.

Desire → Intention → Thoughts → Action

When you take the time to deliberately think about and expect what you desire the universe will provide the information, ideas, circumstances, people, and opportunities needed to facilitate the fulfillment of that desire and net effect will be that much less effort will be required to manifest that desire.  Without paving the way with your thoughts the amount of action and effort required is often substantially more. Don't become impatient and try to make it happen by jumping into action prematurely.

When you pre-pave, positively anticipate with your thoughts, the action required is far less, and the action is much more satisfying.      — Esther Hicks, The Law of Attraction  

Even though we generally over-use action, often time some sort of action at some point will be required — you can't expect the universe to plop your wish into your lap without taking any action at all.  Sometimes you can manifest small things without a single choice, decision, or action being made or taken. Thinking an open parking place into existence, or others things on that scale are examples.  But most things require one or more choices and actions to get you all the way to the fulfillment of your wish.  The bigger the thing generally the more action steps will be required.

As an example; you can't just sit around at home and expect to meet those new friends you've been hoping for — people are not likely to just knock on your door.  You've got to get out of the house and give the universe a chance to deliver.

Action Plays Two Roles in Manifesting Your Desires

1. Initial Action

Initial Action is used early in the manifestation process to amplify the strength of your thoughts and  intentions and thus your creative power to attract opportunities that facilitate the full manifestation of your desires.

In the early stages of trying to manifest your larger desires (your big dreams) taking small action steps (baby steps) in the general direction of your dream will enhance your manifestation power dramatically.

2. Inspired Action

Inspired Action is the action you take when you notice, seize, and follow through on the opportunities that you have attracted via your deliberate thought, intention, and initial actions.  These inspired actions will lead you all the way to your goal if you take them.  That's the key part — you've got to pay attention for, and seize those opportunities.  They can appear in unexpected ways and forms — as information, ideas, people, circumstances, etc.

The Power of Initial Action

Just diving in and getting started is very powerful. Even if you're not sure exactly what to do just doing something, anything, that's heading in the right general direction is immensely important.  Here's why…

Action Is the Strongest Form of Intention

Taking action towards your goals and desires, any action, however small, is a concrete demonstration to the universe that you are serious about the thing you want.  You can think of those initial actions that you take as the strongest form of intention — and intention attracts opportunities!

Not only do your actions move you closer to the attainment of your goals by linear cause and effect they also serve to amplify the power of your intention and hence will powerfully attract the information, ideas, people, and circumstances needed to facilitate the achievement of your goal.

This is why just getting started is so powerful.  Taking any action at all in the general direction of your goal, even if you are unsure of what to do will bring you guidance and support to facilitate the manifestation of your goal.

“The universe rewards action.” – Anonymous

Action Keeps You Focused On What You Want

Another reason why action amplifies your manifestation power to attract guidance and opportunities is that it keeps your thoughts focused on your goal.  Which of course, is exactly how the Law of Attraction works — your most predominant thoughts are your point of attraction.

This is one reason why the advice below is so powerful and will lead you all the way to your ultimate goal.

Take small actions (baby steps) on a regular basis.

ACTION is the Ignition Switch of Manifestation

All your positive thoughts and words and envisioning begin to attract opportunities and guidance (in the form of information, ideas, people, and circumstances) that will facilitate the manifestation of your desire.   But when you make your first concrete decision and take your first action, it will accelerate the flow of opportunities.   And every time you take another action congruent with your goal (even if it is a baby step) it amplifies your point of attraction.

Action is like the ignition switch of manifestation.   Your optimistic thoughts and expectations pave the way and taking action accelerates you down that road towards fulfillment of your desire.   Taking action not only produces immediate results but also unleashes more fortuitous and facilitating opportunities!   But you have to pay attention, so you don't miss them!

I highly recommend you read Manifestation Story #2 because it contains a great example of how taking decisive action can trigger the manifestation of critical opportunities that can lead to the fulfillment of a desire.

The Power of Inspired Action

Taking action in response to the guidance and opportunities you are manifesting is called inspired action and this type of action is guaranteed to be productive.  This is not the case for a lot of the action that your analytic/rational mind conceives of. Your analytical mind thinks it knows best how to make things happen but this is very often not the case with action conceived by the analytical mind — action which I refer to as forced action because it isn't guided by synchronicity and your intuition, and hence is often ineffective or counter-productive.

How can you tell the difference between these two types of action?   Inspired action feels exciting and natural, forced action often feels difficult and contrived.  Forced action might eventually get you there, but inspired action is much more effective.

Following the Guidance and Seizing the Opportunities

You've got to keep an open mind about HOW opportunities and guidance are delivered, and in what form, because it often comes in unexpected ways.  It might come as a brilliant idea that pops into your head, or maybe as some useful information you stumble across, or perhaps as a person who shows up that can help you, or it might be a fortuitous circumstance — it could be anything, just stay alert and seize these opportunities.  This is inspired action, this is guided action.  Don't beat your head against the wall — wait for it and then move into action!

Putting it All Together

For manifesting anything of significant size, especially your big dreams,  action is a crucial ingredient that must be added to the manifestation recipe.  Start the recipe with the standard ingredients of deliberate thought and intention focused on the attainment of your desire. Then add to the mix some initial actions in the direction of your dream to kick start the delivery of opportunities from the Universe. Then pay attention and seize the opportunities as they arrive, no matter what form they appear in. Stir in and repeat and watch in amazement as your dream unfolds before your eyes!

To those of you who are hesitating or putting off pursuing your big dream because you're worried that it's impractical or can't see how it's attainable — believe in yourself and your dreams!  You exist in an infinite field of potential and what is possible is only limited to what you believe is possible.

We are spiritual beings filled with infinite potential — adventuring through a field of possibilities, creating our reality, and our luck.    — Mike Dooley, Infinite Possibilities

Unleash your imagination and take the leap of faith and start doing something, anything, however small, in the general direction of your dreams, and with some patience, trust, and perseverance you'll be amazed as the magic begins and leads you all the way to your dreams!

PS/ To learn more about how action factors into manifestation check out The Role of Action in Manifestation which expands on this topic from a different perspective.

More power to you!