This Law of Attraction Pearl of Wisdom is one of the most important rules for effective manifestation.  It is deceptively simple, and most people probably think that they're already doing it reasonably well — but I'm here to tell you that nothing could be further from the truth.    

Most people spend a large percentage of their time WORRYING about everything that could go wrong and anticipating the worst — both of which qualify as thinking about what you don't want!  For most, this insidious habitual way of thinking is entirely unconscious, and they are completely unaware of how much they are doing it.    

It's not surprising that this is the case.   The rational mind believes that anticipating problems is the best approach to avoiding problems even if, in truth, most of the worrying doesn't solve anything.    

The rational approach is certainly understandable for those who are unaware of the underlying laws of creation by which we construct our reality.   Unfortunately, unbeknownst to most, our rational approach in these types of situations is doing the exact opposite of what we expect.  The focus on the POTENTIAL problems and avoiding them are making them MORE of a potential rather than less!  

From the rational perspective, what's going on under the covers is more like magic.  We are creating the reality we perceive and experience with our thoughts, beliefs, and expectations!  This is the Law of Attraction, and it states that we attract people, circumstances, and things into our life that are similar to our most predominate thoughts.   Our external reality is like a mirror reflecting what we think and what we are.  

What it is crucial to understand about this law is that it does not distinguish between what you want and what you don't want, it simply brings to you the essence of what you think about.   The thought 'I don't want XYZ' and 'I want XYZ' are identical as far as the Universe is concerned.  In either case, it only hears 'XYZ' and it brings it to you.   When you think about what you DON'T want you are attracting what you don't want!  

f you focus upon what you want, you will attract what you want. If you focus upon the LACK of what you want you will attract more of the LACK.    — Esther Hicks, The Law of Attraction      

Overcoming the Habit of Focusing on Potential Problems

When you approach situations anticipating problems and mentally focus on how to avoid those problems, you increase the chances of those very things happening.   The amount of difficulty you anticipate determines the amount of adversity you will experience along the way.  

If, instead, you just assume and expect the best, and skip all the worrying, you will soon find that everything will go a lot smoother and more successfully.   This shift in thinking is by no means easy for the average person, who has the deeply ingrained habit of worrying and anticipating the worst.   At first, overcoming the habit and belief that you need to anticipate problems to avoid them will require lots of faith and trust, but if you stick it out you will end up having complete trust in the 'expect the best' approach because you will have seen the results.  

Faith, not worry, is what manifests your desires.  Trust, trust, trust.  — Doreen Virtue, Angel Numbers 101  

The first step to getting yourself out of this disempowering habit is to start try to become more aware of your thoughts and your words.   It can be pretty difficult to monitor your thoughts because there are just so many of them running through your head all the time. But, what you say is usually a direct reflection of your thoughts and your words are often easier to catch than your thoughts.   At first, this will be hard and you will occasionally catch yourself focusing on what you don't want. When you do, shift your thinking to focus on what you do want.   With practice you'll gradually get better at this until eventually you have created a whole new habit — one of focusing only on what you want, hardly ever thinking about what you don't, and just about always expecting the best.  

Overcoming the Habit of Worrying

Worry attracts problems; it's that simple.   But how do you break the habit?  

  • Immediately switch to focusing on positive thoughts about what you want.    
  • Use positive affirmations to focus on optimistic visions of your desired outcome.      
  • Ask the universe for help — sometimes referred to as Prayer.  Whether you know it or not you've got spirit guides that would be delighted to help, all you have to do is ask.    

Here's an example of using positive affirmations — let's say you are an aspiring writer and author and you're getting discouraged.  Maybe you are having recurring negative thoughts like 'writing is so hard for me, I'll never be a writer.'   Neutralize these negative thoughts by saying out loud, or in your head, something like, 'I can LEARN to write better.  With practice I can become a good writer and a successful author.'      

Becoming a Master of Deliberate Creation

We are always creating our reality with our thoughts but most of us are doing it unconsciously and our many misguided mental habits are causing us to manifest incoherently and ineffectively.  By INTENTIONALLY thinking about the things you want while INTENTIONALLY NOT thinking about the things that you don't want, you pave the way for smoother sailing in your life at every level.  

Trust the Universe, trust the laws of creation, and trust your creational abilities.  Consistently focus on only what you want and expect the best and you will be amazed at the ease, grace, and abundance that will increasingly enter your life.  

Let the magic begin!