Quote: Kindness is magic.

Demonstrate the Higher Way Through Simple Acts of Kindness

KINDNESS is the one thing above all else that will take us to the next level.  Kindness is your helpful, supportive, and uplifting words and actions.  It is informed by, and an expression of, the divine qualities of acceptance, allowance, non-judgement, forgiveness, and compassion (more on these qualities in future posts, {STAY-TUNED}) and is perhaps the most important of the six keys to making the shift to the new earth.

The world does not need more cleverness it needs more Kindness.  Simple acts of kindness made a habit is the force that will birth our new world and guarantee your place in it.  Shower everyone and everything with kindness and watch the magic begin!

Kindness Attracts Kindness

For some Kindness is a higher principle that guides their way of being.  It may well be a higher ideal, but it's also enlightened self-interest.  By the Law of Attraction, our reality is a REFLECTION of our state of mind and our state of being. Our experience of life is like a MIRROR of our thoughts and beliefs.  You are creating your reality with your thoughts whether you realize it of not.

When you are Kind more of the same will be returned to you.  This is similar to how the attitude of gratitude attracts more good into your life.  By the Law of Attraction your kind thoughts, words, and actions not only create a more pleasant present moment for everyone concerned but make it more likely that you will attract kind people, circumstances, experience into your life — kindness is magic!