This Law of Attraction Pearl of Wisdom is one of the secret sauces that keep the gates of abundance open.   One of the best ways to attract more of what you like into your life is to express GRATITUDE for the good things you already have.  

Sadly, the power of GRATITUDE is widely underappreciated in our hectic modern world.  Many of us are so busy and wrapped up in our frantic day-to-day lives that we don't notice all of the many 'little' good things that are part of our lives.

Worse yet, many of us are so caught up in our societies materialistic mentality that we only measure GOOD with how much MONEY and shiny new THINGS we can collect.   Our fixation on money and stuff often blinds us to what's truly important, and we often fall into the trap of focusing more on what we DON'T HAVE rather than what we do — a major manifestation pitfall called 'lack mindset.'

Gratitude is powerful and it does work Magic.    — Mike Dooley, Infinite Possibilities

Not only does nurturing a habit of noticing and appreciating all the blessings in your life keep you in a healthy present moment focus but it also attracts more blessings.  How's that you ask?  Does the Universe reward gratitude because it likes to be appreciated?  Or because gratitude is inherently good?  Well perhaps, but certainly the Law of Attraction is at work here.

Why Appreciation and Gratitude Work

Regularly expressing gratitude is a powerful tool for attracting abundance because it represents giving significant thought, attention, and positive emotion (appreciation is a strong positive emotion) to what you like.   This is how the Law of Attraction works — the more thought and emotion you give to a subject the more likely it is that it will appear in your life.

Another reason gratitude attracts abundance is because it represents an acknowledgment of 'I have' rather than 'I don't have' — abundance mindset rather than lack mindset.   By the Law of Attraction thoughts of abundance attract abundance but thoughts of lack attract lack!  

Sadly, the default habit of many is focusing on what they lack, and this is a major manifesting pitfall — thinking more about NOT HAVING something rather than just imagining having it — and it only serves to attract more lack into your life!

Slow down and notice all the wonderful little things in your life.  Express gratitude and appreciation for everything you like in your life, no matter how mundane or unimportant it may seem.  Appreciate the small stuff —  the beautiful sunny days that you love so much, or how smoothly and quickly your commute to work went, the friendly and helpful attendant at your local store, etcetera.   Doing this will give you a greater sense of satisfaction with life, and it will start attracting more of what you like.

Start noticing all the stuff around you that you like even if it's not yours — the nice car someone else has, or a beautiful home you admire, a beautiful neighborhood, whatever.  This practice strengthens your abundance mindset and builds a habit of noticing what you like, and both of these will increase the likelihood of attracting those very things to you.

Sharing and Generosity - The Highest Form of Gratitude

One of the most powerful ways to show gratitude to the Universe for all the good it has provided you is to SHARE your abundance with others.  Sharing sends a very strong message to the Universe — it says that you are confident that there is plenty and have no doubt that you can receive more whenever it is needed.

Sharing is the antithesis of 'lack mindset'.  By sharing freely, you are demonstrating a powerful 'abundance mindset'.  Hence, it is very likely that any abundance you share will eventually be returned to you many times over.  

Not freely giving to others blocks the flow of universal abundance because abundance flows in circles — the circle of giving and receiving, as per the Universal Spiritual Law of Giving and Receiving.  More on this in upcoming posts, so stay tuned.  

Unblock your flow of abundance through giving on all levels — physical, emotional, and spiritual.   But give from the heart unconditionally, giving with an ulterior motive nullifies most of its power.  Any giving no matter how small is rewarded by the Universe.

Completely let go of the belief that when you give, this means less for you.  This is a fear of people that haven't discovered and embraced their creatorship and don't understand that the universe is a field of infinite potential; hence the source of infinite abundance.

Putting It All Together

Make a habit of noticing what you like (instead of what you don't like), expressing your appreciation for what you have (instead of focusing on what you lack), and sharing freely, and watch the magic begin!

More power to you!