There are vast unseen and unrecognized realms of existence in the Universe.  We see only a small slice of everything that exists — just the tip of the iceberg.  The energetic field that we are immersed in is a field of existence that contains a multitude of realities! 

Of course, conventional science doesn't have a clue.

The Modern One-Dimensional View of Existence

Conventional science's understanding of reality is very one-dimensional.  It essentially assumes that reality consists only of that which we can see and touch.  And it implicitly assumes that it is a singular reality — that the reality that we perceive and participate in is the one and only reality.  They've ruled out, or maybe more accurately, haven't conceived of, the possibility of unseen realms and other/parallel realities. 

The  Ancient Multi-Dimensional View of Existence

Many ancient spiritual/metaphysical philosophies (Hinduism, Vedism, Kabbalism) believed that there were multiple realms of existence within the Universe.  They believed that the universe was somehow divided into 'planes' each comprising its own reality populated and inhabited by multitudes of entities — beings, creatures, and objects.

The various ancient schools of thought each counted and organized these 'planes of reality' a bit differently, but they all saw the planes as a progression from lower to higher.  The lower planes being denser, more solid, more material and the higher planes being less dense, less solid, less material,  more 'subtle' or ethereal — the spirit realms.

Of course, modern science scoffs at these concepts and brands them as 'mystical' and unscientific.  But if they would take off their 'materialistic' blinders and spend a little open minded time working on it, they'd be amazed at what they would discover — the multi-dimensional universe! And the full ramifications of this discovery would likely change everything — for the better. 

Unfortunately, mainstream science is horribly stuck in its very rigid materialistic one-dimensional view of the universe.  But there's hope because there is a small but growing cadre of open minded non-conventional scientists who have been tenaciously exploring the bleeding edge.  For an account of some of the new science that has been unfolding behind the scenes over the past twenty years or so, check out the book The Field: The Quest for the Secret Force of the Universe.

The ancients knew intuitively that that the universe had many invisible parallel realities, but they lacked the science to explain how this was possible.  This is no longer the case, and there is nothing at all 'mystical' about it — it's just physics — the physics of energy and frequency. 

The Science Behind Multiple Planes of Reality

To understand how this works let's review some basics first. 

We only see a very narrow band of energy frequencies that we call 'light'.  We perceive objects made of stuff we call 'matter' because light is either emitted or reflected from it.  Matter itself is actually just energy too, very tight and fast cyclical or oscillatory motions.  Hence, there is a frequency associated with matter as well. 

EVERYTHING is simply patterns of energy, and these patterns are composed of cyclical, oscillatory, and vibratory motions and hence have a frequency. 

Conventional science understands this to a certain extent but the deeper and wider implications of have not been recognized — one of these being the multi-dimensional nature of reality. 

The range of frequencies that we 'SEE' is a minute fraction of the entire frequency range.  Even though science has extended our 'sight' with instruments that can 'see' frequencies of energy above and below our 'visual' range they haven't realized that there's a whole lot more going on in the other frequency ranges than they ever imagined — complete parallel realities! They simply haven't conceived of the possibility.

The thought that there might be objects and entities in other frequency ranges, conceptually similar to those that populate our reality, but invisible and transparent to us, hasn't even crossed their minds.

This narrow mindedness is about to be shattered by the recent discovery of invisible intelligent entities by the inventors of a new imaging device.  This discovery should catapult us towards the full scientific understanding of the multidimensional universe!  Check out the video below from the scientists that made the discovery.

Even though science has known that everything is energy for some time, the full ramifications of this have not sunk in yet.  What they have failed to appreciate fully is that all the 'things' we see are simply patterns of energy, that all the 'things' are sitting in and connected by a sea of energy that permeates all of space — the energetic field.  The salient properties of matter, as we experience them — discreteness and solidity — are greatly over-emphasized concepts derived from our perceptual limitations.  What we call 'matter' is simply particular patterns and frequencies of energy.  We think of matter as 'solid' but science long ago dismissed this idea.  We know that relative to the size of the atoms there are vast distances between the atoms in a clump of matter.  Even WITHIN the atom there is mostly 'empty space'.  Of course, that space is not really 'empty', it's full of energy and patterns of energy at a much higher frequency and finer scale — 'subtle matter' from the higher planes.

All the 'things' in the plane of reality that we exist in — rocks, trees, and people, etc — are all just different complex patterns of energy with certain frequencies.   Since we know that we perceive a very narrow band of frequencies, why couldn’t there be energetic patterns of similar complexity and type as the ones we call a rock, or a tree, or a person but composed of frequencies much higher than our own, and outside of our perceptual range? And wouldn't these patterns, be analogous to the objects and entities that we have here in our frequency band?   In other words, effectively an entire parallel reality with its own worlds, beings, etc.

The ancients used the term PLANES for these frequency bands and the parallel realities they contain.  The contemporary term that is widely used is DIMENSIONS.  Others have used the term DENSITIES,  but what it all boils down to is FREQUENCY BANDS.

Space is not empty; it is chock full of patterns of energy at many different frequencies that all occupy the same 'space'.  The energetic patterns all interpenetrate each other, overlay each other, are superimposed on each other — this being possible because higher frequency patterns are of smaller/finer scale and can be thought of as riding on top of, or within the lower frequency and larger scale patterns.

The frequency bands are far enough away from each other that there is limited interference between the bands and hence they function essentially as  'separate' realms of existence.   Another way to say this is that space is partitioned into 'separate' realms of existence by the virtue of the fact that sentient entities only perceive 'things' (energy patterns) composed of the frequencies within the same band that they are composed of.  We only 'see' what our frequency (consciousness) ALLOWS us to see.  Hence, frequency bands function as 'parallel' realities.

The biggest determinant of which plane of reality you inhabit is the frequency of your consciousness.  That's because consciousness is energy.  Consciousness is not produced by the brain as most scientists believe.  The universal field of energy is conscious and your brain is just a receiver!

How Many Planes of Reality are There? And Which One Do We Exist In?

The various ancient schools of thought each counted the planes a little differently.  Buddhism says there are thirty-one planes of existence, separated into three realms.   Others say there are seven planes each with seven subplanes for a total of forty-nine planes.   Still others say there are thirty-three planes.   The one thing they all agree on is the numbering system — they all assign the number one to the lowest plane and count up from there.   This numbering system makes sense because each plane is a higher frequency band.

The lowest 7 or so planes are considered 'physical' (material).   The planes above this, and there are many, can be considered the 'ethereal' (immaterial) planes.   There isn't a definite boundary, it's a gradual transition.  

There is a small cadre of individuals in the world today that have mastered the ability to travel the planes of existence by tapping into their higher consciousness.   Guy Needler is one of them and has explored many of the planes of reality and communicated with many interesting beings.  I highly recommend his book The History of God in which he shares his journeys and what he has learned about the origin and physics of the Universe.

So where are we?  Until recently we've existed in the 3rd plane (density/dimension), which is very close to the bottom of the frequency bands.   It is a very dense material plane with a level of consciousness characterized by a loss of connection with our higher selves, limited awareness, ego-centric thinking, and fear.   As of approximately 2012 the base frequency of the earth and its inhabitants increased and we transitioned into 4th density.

The base frequency level of the planet and a significant number of its inhabitants is gradually increasing through the 4th density and eventually, at some point in the future, we will transition into 5th density.   5th density consciousness is characterized by much-increased awareness, cooperative thinking, and unconditional love.  

We are 'ascending' through the frequency bands into higher planes of existence.  We are evolving to higher levels of consciousness.  As we ascend through the densities our world will change for the better because the outer world is a reflection of our level of consciousness — our thoughts and beliefs create our reality.

Examples of Planes of Reality from the Movies

Many of the concepts presented in science fiction are actually inspired by our inner knowing and connection to our higher selves (our soul and the universe).  Often times these concepts are reasonable approximations of actual elements of the greater reality.  There are quite a few science fiction books and movies that illustrate the planes of reality concept.  Here are a few from recent movies.

Guardians of the Galaxy

In Guardians of the Galaxy the main character (Starlord) walks thru deserted ruins on an abandoned planet  and uses a handheld 'inter-dimensional' scanner to illuminate and make perceivable another plane of existence — a parallel plane where the planet has a vibrant city with many beings bustling around.  If you've got the movie check the aforementioned scene at 4:50 mins near the beginning of the movie.

Here are some still frames from the scene …

Tomorrow Land

In Tomorrowland the main character acquires a device in the form of a curious lapel pin  that when pressed switches her into a parallel plane of earth reality.  Check out the scene in the trailer below starting at about 0:22 secs.  Note that the two alternate planes of reality exist at the same location in space.


Beings from Higher Planes are All Around You

Beings that exist in higher planes can be right next to you and you wouldn't know it.  Their 'bodies' are super high-frequency energy patterns and are not solid at all.  They can pass right thru matter in the material plane that we exist in.  Beings inhabiting parallel material planes typically have no perception of other planes.  Beings inhabiting the ethereal planes typically can perceive the lower planes if they so choose.  One example of this is beings from the 'Angelic' realms which are very high-frequency planes  — very close to 'god' frequency.  These ethereal beings can 'communicate' with us through our thoughts and feelings because thoughts and feelings are energy too — just like everything is.  Many beings from higher planes of reality surround, observe, and support us.   They are commonly referred to as spirit guides and your higher-self made arrangements with some of them to watch over you during your incarnation on earth.

The Multidimensional You

The planes of reality are only one way that our Universe is multi-dimensional.  Your very beingness is multi-dimensional as well, and in more ways than one!  Check out The Multidimensional Self, it explores the multi-layered and massively parallel structure of your higher consciousness — higher-selves, other/parallel selves, past and future lives, and probable selves!