The long heralded ascension of Humanity is upon us and nearing critical mass.   We are about to experience a massive acceleration of change all around our world.  The ascension process has been widely misunderstood.   Ascension is fundamentally a shift of consciousness to higher frequencies and higher ways of being.  One of the most noticeable features of rising levels of consciousness and frequency is the quickening of manifestation.  Our thoughts, desires, and intentions are being reflected into our personal reality faster than ever.  Many people are noticing this, and some are even experiencing nearly instantaneous manifestation.  Depending on where you're at mentally and spiritually you'll be experiencing either increased ease and grace or increased adversity and challenges.    

Having interesting manifestation experiences?  Please consider sharing your experiences in the comments section of this article.           

The Shift and the Great Transformation

It's an incredible time to be alive on the planet.  The momentous shift in our consciousness is catalyzing a great transformation of ourselves and our world and a whole new paradigm will emerge over the next half century or so.  We are in the very early stages of birthing this new paradigm and the next ten years or so will likely be a period of very intense and rapid change and perhaps even some turbulence but rest assured that we are birthing a better world — a world characterized by cooperation, harmony, peace, and prosperity for ALL.  Just as birthing a child is a somewhat painful process, yet the result is wonderful, so too it will be as we birth the new age of Humanity.    

This great shift is being orchestrated by the Universe — by Source.  Our planet is being bathed in cosmic energy from the Galactic core, and this energy is raising the base frequency of everything on the planet and it is activating the love in our hearts, our connection of our higher selves, and our memory of the greater reality.  The process is nudging us out of our limited and fearful mindset towards a much more loving, fearless, and empowered mindset that will birth a new Earth and a new age of Humanity.    

The Quickening of Manifestation

The cosmic energy is raising the frequency of everything, including our consciousness and this is quickening the speed at which our thoughts are manifesting into reality.    

What used to take hours or days to materialize now takes minutes or hours.  It should be increasingly obvious to everyone that their personal reality is a reflection of their state of mind and state of being — a reflection of their beliefs, attitudes, thoughts, emotions, and more.  Our reality isn't the objective external reality that it appears to be — it's more like a virtual reality, and one that mirrors your state of consciousness — it's the ultimate consciousness training system.  This is the game of life, and it's by design, and our souls all signed up to play it.    

Feeling Graced? or is the Shit Hitting the Fan?

It should be increasingly obvious to all that a positive, loving, accepting, allowing, forgiving, compassionate mindset leads to an experience of ease and grace where life seems to flow joyfully and effortlessly — for all.  For those that stubbornly hold onto a negative, judgmental, condemning, and fearful mindset this will not be the case — they will experience increasing adversity and challenges ever more rapidly.   The beauty of this is that those that hold negative thought patterns are being given a stronger and stronger impetus to try an alternative approach.    

Awakening to Our Creatorship    

More and more people are awakening to the truth of their higher self and the wider reality.   More and more are remembering that they are part of the one infinite creator, the one being, the one self, the one consciousness that is All That Is — remembering that they are CREATORS and that their thoughts create reality (sometimes referred to a 'manifestation').  Rediscovering one's creatorship is perhaps the most important aspect of anyone's awakening.  What could be more profoundly empowering than remembering that you are creating your reality — that you are a creator!    

So, in the spirit of discovery and empowerment I am going to share some of my manifestation experiences in the hope that it awakens others to their power.  And I'm hoping that some of you might be willing to share some of your manifestation experiences as well, in the comments section at the end of this article.    

Powers of Manifestation    

Shortly after my awakening (back in the Spring of 2014) and very early in my spiritual and metaphysical studies, I stumbled upon the idea that the universe is conscious, and that we exist inside of what is essentially a cosmic mind.  And that our consciousness is a thread of this universal consciousness, and that everything in existence is constructs of thought with the universal mind.  This idea resonated deeply with me and seemed consistent with the strange 'magic' I had been experiencing after my awakening.    

It is a universal principle that you get more of what you think about, talk about, and feel strongly about.       — Jack Canfield, Living the Law of Attraction    

So, I dove into the topic of 'Manifestation' and The Law of Attraction — the idea that we are creating our reality with our thoughts.   I started doing manifestation experiments and I got positive results!  Since then I've been constantly experiencing small and not so small examples of manifestation.  There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that their is a correlation between my thoughts, desires, and intentions and what is appearing in my life — The Law of Attraction is very real.    

So, here are some personal examples of manifestation and I'm hoping that they will inspire you to either share your own manifestation experiences (hopefully here in the comments below this article) or open your mind to learning about and experimenting with the Law of Attraction and Deliberate Creation.       

Reality - It's All Symbolic  

When it comes to manifestation, it's easier and quicker to manifest 'small' things than bigger things.   Even though big things take no more energy to imagine than small things they do take longer to manifest because they will often require more than one step to reach the final outcome and therefore require more doubt free time focusing on them before they will materialize.   And staying 'doubt free' over an extended period of time is very hard for most of us.

The simplest test of manifestation is to concentrate on a number or word, preferably one that has some personal significance to you, and see how long it takes before that number or word appears somewhere in your reality.   This was the first thing that I experimented with, and I got very excited when I saw it was working, and working fast — very often the very next thing I would see.   This level of manifestation happens routinely for me now.      

I recently experienced three instant manifestations of word or number thoughts, back to back in a span of three or four minutes as I was driving to a friend's house.   And I wasn't doing it as an intentional experiment, they were just spontaneous thoughts.  This experience left me without a shadow of a doubt that my thoughts are manifesting and quickly.        

Here's what happened:      

So, I'm driving along, and I look at the car thermometer, and the temperature read 5 degrees.   I thought about what the daily high temperature would be if it was 5 degrees now (early morning).   I decided that the high would be about 15 degrees.   Just then I noticed that the truck in front of me had #15 marked on it.   Less than a minute later I'm thinking about my dad and his name 'Thomas Street', and just then I pass a street sign with Thomas St on it!   Less than a minute later I'm listening to music on my mp3 player and I decide to skip the next couple of songs and listen to one of my favorite songs named 'Hello Again' and before I can even get a chance to advance to the song, I pass a sign with the word HELLO in 2 foot high letters!      

You get the idea guys? And this is by no means new.  I've done lots of intentional experiments like this.   And it also happens spontaneously like this frequently as well.  But three in a row like that was pretty impressive.      

If you are skeptical about manifestation, I don't blame you.  But if your mind is a little open or if your curiosity is aroused then I recommend the book E-Squared: Do-It-Yourself Experiments That Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality.  Check it out, keep an open mind, suspend your disbelief and give the experiments a try, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  Imagine discovering that you are actually creating your reality with your thoughts! What could be more impowering than that.      

Ok, so here is another manifestation experiment that I did.      

Moose on the Loose

After experimenting with numbers and words, I decided to experiment with something a little less symbolic.  I also wanted to pick something that I was unlikely ever to encounter normally, something odd, something that when it appeared, no matter how long it took, would be obvious and conclusive.  I decided to imagine a 'moose'.  I figured I was very unlikely to encounter a live moose (I don't think I've ever seen one), and it's not something you see very often in symbolic form either.  You rarely see a picture of a moose or a statue of a moose.  It's something fairly uncommon.      

So, I intently thought about and visualized a moose for a minute or so and repeated it three times.  Then I waited.  How long would it take before some sort of moose would appear in my reality.  It wasn't until the next morning but when I awoke, I was checking my Facebook and the first new post I looked at was from one of my best friends and it was a photo he took of a life-size bronze statue of a moose that he had encountered in his travels.  I laughed out loud!  I haven't seen a moose in any form for as long as I can remember so I took this as absolute positive confirmation that thoughts create reality.      

Ok, here's another personal example of manifestation.      

The Trust Experiment

In the fall of 2014, I moved to Montana.  I found an apartment in a Duplex, but the owner/renter said that it might only be available for six months as they might sell the place.  I said that was fine with me, and I took the place with a six-month lease.

The duplex was in a partially completed development filled with duplexes. I had some nice views of distant mountains because not all the lots were developed yet.  There was a large field behind the development that I loved to take walks in regularly that had beautiful open views of the mountains that surrounded the area.  The field was far enough away from the lights of the houses that I could see the night sky well. But all this was going to disappear because it was obvious that all the other lots and the field would soon be turned into developments and I be trapped in a grid of houses and lights with no view or open space that I cherished.  

Throughout the winter, on my nightly walks thru the field near my place I spoke out loud to the Universe — prayers, affirmations, etc.  For many months, I would occasionally mention that I'd have to move to the edge of town to ensure my access to open space and a CLEAR VIEW of the mountains because I knew that development would begin again in the spring, and I'd get boxed in.

In the spring, this indeed did start happening.  And my lease was going to end shortly, and I hadn't heard anything from the landlord about whether they would be selling the place or not.   I was a little worried because the rental market was very competitive and it might take me more time than I had left on the lease to find another place.  I thought about calling my landlord to ask her about it, but then I decided to turn the situation into another manifestation experiment.  I would just wait and see what happened — I would test my trust and faith in the Universe to provide smooth sailing for me, I wouldn't start looking for an apartment, I'd just trust and wait.

It was a mere four days before my lease was to expire and I still hadn't heard from my landlord, and I was getting a bit nervous.  But that evening the phone rang, and a man announced that he was an associate of my landlord, and they had found a place for me! I chuckled to myself and said, 'That's great, where's it at?'.  He said it was out north of town in ranch country near the foot of the Bridger Mountains (lots of open space with a killer view of the mountains just like I wanted!).  I chuckled knowingly to myself again and said 'Great! When can I check it out?'.  He said how about right now and gave me the address.

So, I jumped in my car and headed over there.  As I took the final turn onto the road that the place was on, I noticed that the road was named 'CLEARVIEW Road'!  I was floored because in my affirmation sessions I repeatedly said, 'I need a place with a CLEAR VIEW of the mountains.'

When I got to the place, I found it to be a cozy country style apartment that resonated perfectly with me.  I took a quick look around, chatted with the landlord, and before I left I had the keys to the place!  No muss, no fuss.  This is how smoothly things routinely go for me.  This is why I say I feel like I'm graced.  

Ok, here's yet another personal example of manifestation.         

Ask and You Shall Receive

Ice climbing is an outdoor sport that I love.  I've recently moved to Montana, and I haven't met many people yet, so I've been having trouble finding climbing partners.  Recently I've started announcing out loud (to the universe) what days I wanted to get out and climb and then I'd just wait.  Then magically within a day or less of my announcements somebody would call me and ask me to go climbing.      

Choose what you think and speak about very carefully, as your words are like orders that you place with the Universe.       — Doreen Virtue, Angel Numbers 101    

Here are the latest two examples of this:      

On Wednesday of last week, as I was returning from a backcountry ski tour, I announced that I would go ice climbing for a half day on Friday.  There was no one I could think of that was available, but I decided to trust that the Universe would provide.  The next evening, while I was out on a hike, my cell phone rang and a person that I thought was out of town said, 'Hey Jeff, You want to do a half day of ice climbing with me tomorrow (Friday)'.  I chuckled and smiled knowingly and said 'Hell ya!'.      

On Tuesday of this week, on the walk back to the car from an outing, I announced I would to go ice climbing on one day of the upcoming weekend.  As usual, I had no idea who that would be with, there was no one available as far as I knew.  Less than 30 minutes later, my cell phone beeps and I receive a text message from a friend who hasn't ice climbed before saying 'Hey Jeff, You want to take me out for a day this weekend and introduce me to ice climbing?'  Again, I chuckled and smiled knowingly to myself and said, 'Yes, I love to.'      

Allright, here's another personal example of manifestation.      

Negative Feedback

I can't remember being angry for well over a year — this whole period of my life could be described as 'happy go lucky' — super happy, positive, and friendly.  Everything seems to go my way and very smoothly, nothing every goes wrong.  So when I did have something go wrong, on a couple of occasions, it caught my attention and what was real obvious was the correlation with moments of anger.

These incidents occurred a while back while I was visiting my parents for an extended stay.  My mother can be very difficult to work with and in the past, I've tended to fight her and make things worse.  The 'new me' that has blossomed since my 'awakening' was doing a pretty good job of taking a different approach and it was working — we were getting along much better than in the past.      

But twice during my visit I lost my temper, and twice in short order I had something go wrong.  The first time it happened, I suspected that it was an example of manifestation, of negative thoughts and feelings reflecting back into one's reality, but I wasn't sure.  But when a similar thing happened a week later, I was convinced.  And I was startled how fast — almost immediately.  My spirit guides (we all have guides, discovered yours?) had warned me about this and these experiences were a poignant example.      

Here's what happened in the second incident:

I was fixing something for my Mom.  As usual, she was very demanding and finicky.  I lost my temper and snarled some obscenities under my breath; I don't think she heard me.  My noxious utterance lasted for all of three seconds, but it was the strongest negative emotion I've expressed in a very long time.   I finished shortly after this and headed to the car to take a trip to the store.  When I got to the car it had a flat tire and I was out of business.      

Got any manifestation experiences that you like to share with us? Please feel free to share them in the comments section at the end of this article.      

Becoming a Master Player of The Earth Game / Game of Life    

As you become aware of the wider reality and the rules of reality creation you become a conscious player in the game of life and begin playing the game at a whole new level.  You begin to custom make your personal reality, and experience of life, as you desire.   And you have an opportunity to become a master player and create the life of your dreams.    

Even knowing the rules of the game, becoming a master is quite a challenge.  It requires complete trust and faith in yourself and the Universe.   It requires unwavering belief, intention, and expectation.  It requires unwavering optimism and positivity.  It is no less than complete mental mastery and leaves no room for doubt or fear.  For those that can achieve this, they will begin to experience a life of ease and grace and abundance like never before.    

More power to you,