Quote: Uplift every living thing, and every living soul, with every little thing you do.

Why not try to uplift every person that you come in contact with?  How about starting with a big smile and a hearty hello? Then maybe give some words of encouragement or a bit of support — small things count. Try doing this all the time with everyone you meet — unconditionally — do it consistently for a month or two and see what happens.        

The tiniest gesture — a smile, a gentle look, a simple pat on the arm, a soft word — can change a person's life.    — Neale Donald Walsh        

True Upliftment

When you encounter someone in a painful or challenging situation and the desire wells up in you to help them don't focus on their pain or lack.   Instead, focus on the successful resolution of their circumstance.  Often general encouragement is more effective than concrete assistance or advice.   Even the tiniest encouragement can serve as a catalyst to inspire an actual solution.  Often empathy is more effective than sympathy — deeply understanding and feeling another's experience rather than feelings of pity and sorrow for their misfortune — just letting them know that you've been in their shoes and giving them a big hug is worth a thousand words.        

Ultimately the greatest gift that you could ever give another is the gift of your expectation of their success.  Don't focus on where people are, focus on their potential and believe in their success.   And don't forget, you can uplift others simply by being a positive example.        

Every Living Thing      

Try giving this same level of attention, compassion, and empathy and to every living thing around you — not just people.

Do this, all of us, and we will soar!