One of the reasons our lives and the world change so slowly, if at all, is that most of us pay far too much attention to how things currently are — to 'what is' rather than to 'what could be'.   This bias is not surprising because most of us are deeply convinced by the illusion of linear time and causality and aren't aware that our thoughts create our reality.  Unfortunately, these misunderstandings about the nature of reality encourage us to pay far to much attention to present circumstances and cause us to LIMIT what we believe is possible for the future.  A powerful habit that can take your manifestation ability to the next level is to do less observing and more imagining.  

The Power of Transcending the Belief in Linear Causality

One of the core limiting beliefs maintaining the reality that we are currently immersed in is the idea of linear time and causality.  Believe it or not, our traditional ideas of cause and effect are wrong — the true cause of everything that comes into your experience are your thoughts!  If you fully understand and embrace the laws and mechanics of reality creation, then you know that the past only has a bearing on the future to the extent that you BELIEVE it does.  

If we could completely and utterly let go of our belief in linear causality, then anything would be possible in the very next moment.  This is the basis of how the great spiritual masters throughout the ages were able to manifest miracles and magic and with the same level of belief anyone can do the same!  

The Trap of Focusing On What Is

The Law of Attraction states that the more you think about a subject, the more likely it is to manifest into your life.   And since what you pay attention to you are thinking about, paying too much attention to 'what is' only serves to perpetuate more of the same.  This point is echoed by Esther Hicks, in her book The Law of Attraction as shown below.

In addition to the 'more of the same' effect, giving too much attention to present circumstances can also influence our belief in what is possible for the future — typically LIMITING what we believe is possible.   And since what you do not believe you cannot manifest this is very disempowering!   One of the take-aways from this is that focusing on possibilities rather than limitations is a very good habit to nurture.  

Even worse than giving too much credence to present circumstances is worrying about what happened in the past — to 'what was'.  This is a bit off-topic, but I want to mention it because WORRY in all its many forms is a huge stumbling block to effective manifesting, and I'll be discussing it in future installments of this series, stay tuned.  

The net effect of paying too much attention to (and giving too much credence to) present circumstances is to significantly limit what changes and improvements you can manifest into your life.   It's a double-whammy disempowering habit.  

Giving More Attention to What Could Be

If you want to improve your life quicker, you've got to spend less time paying attention to what is and more time imagining how you want it to be — here's a little practical advice on how to do that.  

Work on becoming more aware of what you are focusing on.  When you catch yourself thinking about a present or anticipated circumstance that you don't particularly feel good about, or isn't pleasing to you, that's a dead giveaway that you are thinking about something that you don't want, and it's your cue to switch immediately to imagining it the way you want it to be.  You've got to stop focusing on what you don't want and start focusing on what you do want.  And in this case I'm suggesting that you let yourself daydream!  If your mind is busy daydreaming about something you'd like to have or to happen it can't be worrying about other stuff.  

Yes, I know that you might feel silly or even uncomfortable unleashing your imagination and using daydreaming as a tool.  Sadly, adults in our society are taught to be very rational and serious, which is really hampering their creative freedom and power.  If you want to become a powerful creator, then you are going to have to become more uninhibited with your imagination!  Perhaps the following realization might help — since daydreaming and imagining are largely happening in the privacy of your own head, no one will notice.  

In addition to on-the-fly 'imagineering', I highly recommend spending 5 or 10 minutes a day doing a more formal imagineering session.  In these sessions, you concentrate on envisioning what you want in your life based on a very carefully crafted list of your desires.  More on this in upcoming articles, so stay tuned.  

Here's an excerpt from one of my favorite books, Oneness, that strongly echoes the point of this article:  

The key to transcending conditions, in which you perceive the evidence of limitation, is not to dwell upon the essence of that limitation, but rather, to dwell, utterly and completely, in a perception of how you would like to have it be.  Thus, regardless of the nature of the condition in question, where you to see yourself and circumstances devoid of that condition, you would have initiated the process that would lead, energetically, to that very reality.    

Where are you to instead dwell, in state of dread, upon how much you do not wish to be in certain conditions, you succeed in reinforcing the vibrational building blocks for the continuation of those circumstances.  For, in stating to yourself what your physical senses have shown you to be your reality, you serve to reinforce the energetic grid that magnetizes that category of experience.  

Putting It All Together

Work on making a habit of (1) focusing on possibilities rather the limitations, (2) paying less attention to present circumstances and more to way you'd like it to be, and (3) regularly engage in 'imagineering' sessions to envision the life of your dreams and watch the magic begin.    

More power to you!